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donate to the jodi arias appellate fund justice for jodi arias

The JAA APPELLATE FUND $25,000 Matching-Gift Campaign Concludes — A Huge Success — Nearly Quadrupling Rate of Donations:

August 12, 2015

The JAA Appellate Fund’s first matching-gift campaign ended August 1, 2015. During its 14 weeks, $18,901 in new donations were received and matched dollar-for-dollar, nearly quadrupling the donation rate. The drive raised the fund total from about $54,000 to about $92,000. Thanks to all whose generous contributions made this campaign a huge success!

The appeals fund still needs about $160,000 more to reach its goal of $250,000. These funds will be used to retain a private attorney. If Jodi’s two state-paid appeals are unsuccessful, she will be unable to appeal further in Arizona, let alone in Federal court, without a private attorney. If a private attorney’s retainer is not raised in time, Jodi’s case will be over forever. Thus, more funds are needed urgently.

The next matching-gift drive is being planned. Any large donors who would like to be part of the next match pledge should contact the fund trustee.


A message from Jodi’s parents – Bill & Sandy Arias:

donate to the jodi arias appellate fund justice for jodi arias

All donations via this website go directly to the JAA APPELLATE FUND, for assisting with the legal fees associated with
appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. All donations are confidential. This is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

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